About DBSysgraph

DBSysgraph (DBS) is a software development and consulting firm with headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1999, we started meeting the technology needs of organizations around the country. Today, our innovative software solutions are used around the world. Check out DBSysgraph News to see articles written about our products.

DBS offers a wide range of applications and software, including Information Management Solutions, such as:

Fire departments, hospitals, and Homeland Security use DBS products. Our clients range from local and state governmental agencies to emergency response agencies. We customize our software products to meet the needs of our clients. Our software can be integrated with other systems, if necessary.

The following news items detail a few of our accomplishments:

  • South Carolina State Fire Marshal – DBSysgraph (DBS) is awarded the contract to develop a Records Management System for the South Carolina Fire Marshal's Office. Read the news release. Read the news release »
  • Louisiana State Fire Marshal – DBSysgraph's (DBS) Information Management System (IMS) developed for the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal receives a national award. Read the news release »
  • Louisiana State Fire Marshal – DBSysgraph (DBS) developed the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Information Management System (IMS) featured in this video! Please take a minute to watch exactly how DBS streamlined the way the Fire Marshal does business. Watch the video »
  • Louisiana State Fire Marshal – DBSysgraph's (DBS) customized Information Management System for Louisiana's Fire Marshal is credited with saving time for the department and the public. What used to take weeks to review and finalize can now be done in a matter of hours or days. The article can be found on page 7 of the November 2017 issue of Louisiana Architect. Read the article »
  • Louisiana State Fire Marshal – DBSysgraph (DBS) is responsible for the development of the state fire marshal’s Information Management System (IMS), which launched in 2015. IMS transformed the way Louisiana’s Fire Marshal tracks investigations, permits and building codes. The IMS system was featured in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. Read the article »
  • Louisiana Electronic Event Registration System (LEERS) – DBSysgraph’s (DBS) customized application for the Department of Health and Hospitals, the Louisiana Electronic Event Registration System or LEERS, is changing the way vital records are tracked throughout the state. The LEERS system first went live in 2010. The application collects, preserves, certifies and sells vital statistics records from a centralized location. The DBS system has been featured in the Healthcare Journal of New Orleans. The article can be found on pages 12-20 of the November-December 2012 issue. View the issue »