If you need a customizable application that provides a one-stop tracking resource from multiple data sources, then i-Trax is for you. i-Trax is an Information Management and Analysis tool utilized by managers, planners and engineers.

i-Trax provides a dashboard display of data. It also provides a menu and table driven options. In addition, i-Trax can be used as a visualization tool, displaying results by region or jurisdiction. This software application can be configured as an overlay on Google Maps or Microsoft Live Maps.

i-Trax can be accessed anywhere:

  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

i-Trax can be configured to your specific needs and to fit any budget or goal. Clients currently using i-Trax include the following:

  • Law Enforcement
    • Communications (tower maintenance)
    • Motor Vehicles
  • Fire Departments
    • Fire Marshal
    • Fire Prevention Bureaus
  • State and Local Governments
    • Building lease
    • Permitting/Licensing applications
    • Signage inventories
  • Insurance
    • Provider Specialty/Coverage

Other i-Suite Products:


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