E-Plan is a mobile Damage Assessment Module that works in conjunction with E-Alert. The E-Plan application provides a detailed database for local, state and federal agencies to analyze post-event damage and the impact of a disaster. E-Plan allows users to create, as well as plot, results on a Google Map. This application taps into specific map based information which includes:

  • Address
  • Owner
  • Assessed value
  • Land use code
  • Historic designation
  • Repetitive loss status
  • Identify property inspected/restricted

With E-Plan, users have a visual record of property surveyed during the damage assessment process. Agencies are able to print completed FEMA damage assessment forms and store critical data needed for future emergencies. E-Plan also provides a Citizen Participation Module which assists agencies in responding to citizen requests during and after a disaster.

E-Plan users can store, evaluate and easily access this data on a smartphone or tablet.

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